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HyperImmune Egg FAQ


· What is HyperIg PL-100

HyperIg PL-100™ is pure, whole hyperimmune egg-protein that helps the body maintain immune homeostasis, immunological balance. It partners with the body optimizing energy, health and athletic performance.

· What is hyperimmune egg? 

Hyperimmune egg is a concentrate of a wide variety of naturally-occurring antibodies and other immune factors.

· What is homeostasis and why is it important?  

Homeostasis, from the Greek words for "same" and "steady," is the body's 

ability to maintain all its organ systems (immune, hormonal, nervous, emotional, etc.) in their proper balance. 

Read more here. 


· So why can’t I just eat regular chicken eggs to get the same benefits?

You could, if you want to eat 30-40 eggs per day!

· Has HyperIg PL-100 been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? 

The FDA does not approve or disapprove dietary supplements. It has jurisdiction only over prescription medications and devices. Vitamins and minerals are also not approvable by the FDA. HyperIg PL-100 does however have a FDA designation as self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) ingredient.

· Where is HyperIg PL-100 manufactured?

HyperIg PL-100™ is produced and packaged exclusively in the U.S.A. in USDA inspected facilities. Only U.S.A. chicken farms and manufacturing facilities are utilized.

· How do I know HyperIg PL-100 is safe for consumption?

Every batch of protein is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and rigorously tested for safety and efficacy.

· Is HyperIg PL-100 egg protein?

HyperIg PL-100™ is pure whole egg protein.

· Is HyperIg-PL-100 free of gluten or sugar?

It is free of gluten, sugar, sucrose, caffeine, fructose, soy, etc.

· My friend with a health issue has said it made a major difference in her quality of life. Can HyperIg PL-100 help me with my XYZ condition?

No supplement is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It was not HyperIg PL-100™ that changed her life, but her own immune system in partnership with HyperIg PL-100™ that let the body heal itself.

· I already take vitamins and minerals, why should I add HyperIg PL-100 to my daily diet?

HyperIg PL-100™ is not a vitamin, mineral, or herb. It is in a class all of its own. You know people who eat right, watch their weight, exercise, and take handfuls of vitamins and minerals. Yet they still wake up stiff in the morning, or find they are exhausted at the end of the day or their stress is “killing” them. HyperIg PL-100 takes you beyond nutrition and exercise to help support healthy inflammatory and immune responses.

· What is the best way to introduce HyperIg PL-100 into my diet?

Gradually introduce HyperIg PL-100™ into your diet, to give your body a chance to gently rebalance and start its healing process. Mornings are best. Start with ¼ of a scoop for 3-4d , then ½ of a scoop once a day for 3-4 days, then a level scoop for 2-3 days. Taking 2-3 servings/day consistently will result in significant differences in quality of life.

HyperIg PL-100 may be added to any non-boiling food or drink.  Since PL-100 is a pure protein, it will not dissolve when put into a beverage; it will be suspended.  Foods and drinks such as puddings, cereal, yogurt, chocolate milk, and whole fruit/vegetable juice,  shakes, or products such as V8 Fusion, have been used. You only need 2-3” of fluid to drink the Hyper PL-100. As mentioned below make sure the product does not have enzymes. 

· Must HyperIg PL-100 be taken on an empty stomach?

HyperIg PL-100™ can be taken with food.

· Can I take multiple servings all at once?

Yes, you may take multiple servings at one time. Since HyperIg PL-100™ is pure protein, it is best to not added it to drinks containing enzymes or fiber. The enzymes break proteins down and fiber may bind the protein letting it be carried out of the intestines too quickly.


· How many servings of HyperIg PL-100 are best?

At 2 servings a day, people tell us how great they feel, and many feel even better when they are on more than 2 servings. Since we are all differently affected by external and internal stressors, the exact number of servings for each individual differs. Gradually work up 2 servings a day and see how you feel. Then you can always back down or go up an extra serving or two.


· How many servings are too many?

HyperIg PL-100™ is pure egg protein; if you can eat eggs you can consume HyperIg PL-100™. Each serving [4.5g] of HyperIg PL-100™ is equivalent to 1/3 of an egg. Some people have consumed up to 30 servings a day for months without any ill effects. 

· When should I increase the number of servings I consume on a daily basis?

Increase your servings when you are tired a lot of the time, stressed, under the weather or not feeling right. Many start increasing the numbers of servings they take when the holidays are approaching. You can always return to a lower number of servings when you are feeling better. 

· Can I take HyperIg PL-100 in the evening hours?

If caffeine disrupts your sleep, we suggest that you take HyperIg PL-100™ during the morning hours. HyperIg PL-100™ will not make you “jittery” as it does not contain caffeine. Many people have found that it helps them “sleep like a baby” for the first time in years. Health practitioners on late evening/night shift find it really helps them stay awake if they take HyperIg PL-100 before or during their shift. See what works best for you.

· I am on HyperIg PL-100 and I have cramping and bloating.

This response is rare but is usually associated with the fact that the person did NOT introduce the protein gradually. You may wish to stop completely for a few days and once the digestive tracts has calmed down, start up again gradually as recommended above. If this does not work, please contact us. 

· I just started taking HyperIg PL-100 and I am not feeling well—what might I do differently?

There are two main reasons why you may not feel well:

1) You are on herbal-like products or 

2) You started too rapidly and did not give your body a chance to balance naturally. Now start over again by gradually stopping any herbs that you are on and/or wait until you feel better. When ready to try again, start gradually with 1/8 of a serving every other day for a week, then go to 1/4 of a serving every day for 3-4 days. After 3-4 days go to a ½ of a serving for several days, until you’re at a whole serving. Most people report they feel best at 2-3 servings/day. 

· Can I take HyperIg PL-100 with prescription medications?

Medications do not interfere with HyperIg PL-100™ or vice versa.

· Should I stop my prescription drugs when starting HyperIg PL-100or because I am feeling so much better? 

Absolutely not! Just because you are feeling better doesn’t mean that you should change or stop your medications without talking to your prescribing health practitioner. 

· What supplements can I take along with HyperIg PL-100?

We recommend starting with a “clean” slate. It’s best not to take any herb- like products, animal, or plant extracts when you are starting out with trying HyperIg PL-100™. You can add them back later one at a time when you know how much HyperIg PL-100™ makes you feel best.

· Do I need to refrigerate HyperIg PL-100

A cool location is sufficient. It is not necessary to refrigerate HyperIg PL-100™ but avoid moisture by tightly closing lids, etc.

· How much HyperIg PL-100 should I give my child?

Start with 1/8 of a serving for several days, then a ¼ for a few days. Depending on the child’s health go to ½ of a scoop and see what happens. If the parent desires more, then go to a ¾ or a full scoop every day. Be guided by how your child feels and acts. See how your child focuses and his/her energy to decide if you are at the appropriate amount. The child should be less “hyper” but more focused.

· Do people taking HyperIg PL-100 for a long time become "tolerant" or "dependent" on it?

Have you been taking your vitamins for many years? Have you become “dependent” on your daily vitamins? One does not become “dependent” on HyperIg PL-100. In terms of tolerance, individuals have been on the same number of servings for decades and still see a difference in their quality of life. All we do when we consume HyperIg PL-100™ is provide our body with a buffet of products that help support immune function. The immune factors in HyperIg PL-100™ last only a few days in our bodies.

· Will taking HyperIg PL-100 increase my cholesterol levels?

Over the years it has become apparent that the amount of dietary cholesterol consumed has little affect on one’s cholesterol numbers. One serving of HyperIg PL-100™ is only 1/3 of an egg. You would need to consume 3 scoops of HyperIg PL-100™ to equal the same amount of cholesterol as one egg. When your immune system is balanced, cholesterol levels will be supported at healthy levels.*

· I have diabetes, can I still take HyperIg PL-100

Just start gradually as recommended with 1/8-1/4 of a serving of HyperIg PL-100™ and monitor your glucose levels to make sure you are not re-balancing too rapidly. 

· Can a pregnant woman take HyperIg PL-100?

HyperIg PL-100™ is only egg. If you can eat eggs then you can consume HyperIg PL-100™. Many mothers have taken HyperIg PL-100™ through their pregnancy and were impressed as to how attentive and healthy their infants were. Of course, as with any changes in diet and exercise during pregnancy, you should consult with your health professional. 

· Can a nursing mother take HyperIg PL-100?

If you can eat eggs, you can consume HyperIg PL-100™. Each serving of HyperIg PL-100™ is equivalent to 1/3 of an egg. (Please see response above.)

· Can a transplant patient take HyperIg PL-100?

HyperIg PL-100™ is only egg. If you can eat eggs then you can consume HyperIg PL-100™. HyperIg PL-100™ is not an immune "booster" it helps the body balance immunological responses. But as ALWAYS you MUST check with your physician before adding supplements into your diet. 

· How is HyperIg PL-100 different from so-called “immune boosters”?

HyperIg PL-100 does not “boost” immune function, it partners with the body to help it achieve immunological homeostasis, balance. Some people attack their own healthy tissue, This is called having an autoimmune response. In these individuals, their immune systems are “over reactive”. They don’t need to “boost” their immune systems any more than they have already; they need to balance it not “boost” it. When the body is in balance, it "knows" when it needs to increase or limit inflammation.

·  The Company is called Beyond IgY- For what does “IgY” stand?

Antibodies, known scientifically as immunoglobulins, are large Y-shaped proteins that attach to pathogens or mutating cells marking them for destruction by white blood cells.  Mammals produce 5 different types of immunoglobulin classes:  IgG, IgM, IgA,  IgD  and IgE.   Birds, and certain species have IgY as their major type of antibody.  In eggs, IgY is found in high concentrations in the yolk. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4617726/

·  Can hyperimmune egg give me a competitive edge in sports? 

 For years, many professional athletes and weekend warriors have been using hyperimmune egg, a natural, non-prescription ingredient to enhance their competitive edge and increase their strength and endurance.

This protein is protected by over 100 U.S. and international patents and patent applications and was listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference of Non-Prescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements. 

Consumption of three (3) or more servings/day of this ingredient has been clinically proven to help the body with its potential of increasing performance, stamina, and recovery— without the use of steroids, artificial stimulants, or medications. [Since this protein is an all-natural product, there is no down-side to using this unique ingredient throughout one’s entire athletic career.] 

A double-blind placebo-controlled trial at a major University sports department has shown that it helps the body*:

· Naturally stimulate growth hormone release.

· Significantly increase upper body muscular strength and endurance.

· Support rapid and enhanced muscle repair after exercise.

· Increase its potential for greater physical performance with lower heart rates.

· Produce more muscular power with less effort.

· Increase muscle repair during recovery.

· Significantly lower levels of muscle soreness in the 24 hours following exercise.

· Produce high levels of both anaerobic and aerobic energy. 

1) The United States Military tested the hyperimmune egg in a double blind placebo trial. [This means that no one knew if they were taking the product with hyperimmune egg  or without.]

The results of the study showed no increase in cholesterol levels in these individuals, and instead that their cardiovascular systems were supported. https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/34a26b_88ecdba8f81a4615a000ee655c38d054.pdf

2) In formal clinical trials, no physicians have ever reported increased cholesterol levels in subjects using hyperimmune egg .


HyperIg PL-100™ is an all-natural protein that helps the body return to immunological balance and digestive health. 

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HyperIg PL-100™

✓ The original hyperimmune egg

✓ Pure whole egg protein 

✓ Gluten-free
✓ Sugar-free

✓ Lactose-free 

✓ Caffeine-free

✓ Produced Only in the USA



FAQs For Health Practitioners

· How are hyperimmune eggs produced?  

“Hyperimmune” eggs (or “immune” eggs) are obtained from hens repeatedly exposed to a multivalent collection of inactivated bacteria. (No viruses, etc. are utilized).

· What immune components are found in "hyperimmune" eggs?

Repeatedly stimulating with the multivalent cocktail results in eggs containing specific immunoglobulins against the organisms to which the hen was exposed and a 30-fold increase in the concentration of bioactive, immunoregulatory factors.

· How can "hyperimmune" eggs protect an organism non-specifically against pathogens that were not in the stimulating inoculum? 

Stimulation of immune cells with multivalent mixtures results in generation of a large variety of immunoregulatory factors that able to non-specifically activate cells to search and destroy.

· What is IgY? 

IgY is an avian immunoglobulin equivalent to mammalian of IgG. Phylogenetically, IgY is more similar to IgE and secretory IgA than it is to IgG. IgY is found in high concentrations in yolk and functions similarly to mammalian IgG.

· How does IgY compare to mammalian antibodies such as IgG?

Due to phylogenetic differences, IgY has many biochemical and immunological advantages over mammalian immunoglobulins. In contrast to IgG, IgY does not activate the human complement system or react with rheumatoid factors or bacterial or human Fc receptors. Structurally, IgG has a longer hinge region making it more flexible than avian IgY.  


· What is the mechanism of action of the gastroprotective immunoglobulins in "hyperimmune" eggs? 

When immunoglobulins (antibodies) from “hyperimmune” eggs are introduced orally into the intestinal tract they adhere to and neutralize pathogens in the intestines. The protein adheres to the intestinal wall.  The immunoglobulins stay in the gut for days until the antigen-antibody complexes, or free immunoglobulin, is excreted along with the stool.

· Is consumption of "hyperimmune" egg analogous to mammalian passive transfer of immunity?

Yes. Over a period of time, nursing mammals passively transfer nutrients, growth factors and other immune products to protect their offspring until the young’s own immune system has matured. Since avians are not “designed” to nurse and have only a single opportunity to pass on immunity, immunity is passively transferred in a highly concentrated form via the egg.

· Do the specific immunoglobulins cross the gastrointestinal barrier?

Orally administered immunoglobulins from either egg or colostrum, do not cross the gastrointestinal barrier, and do not enter the systemic circulation.

· Is there any evidence suggesting a difference in the degree of passive protection by colostrum obtained from specifically vaccinated cows, as compared to that of eggs from chickens specifically vaccinated with the same organisms?

In studies of coronavirus-induced disease in calves, egg immunoglobulins were reported to be 4 times more efficient than those from colostrum in lowering intestinal viral titers and inhibiting diarrhea and mortality.6In vitro, IgY immunoglobulins demonstrate increased sensitivity as well.

· Is there a connection between the gut and immune function?

The intestine is the largest immunological organ in the body. It comprises more than 70-80% of all immunoglobulin-producing cells and produces more secretory IgA than the total production of IgG in the body. [In humans, IgG is only a minor component of secretions and affects, inefficiently, events within the intestinal lumen.]. In mammals, IgA directed against bacteria appears to prevent attachment of organisms and their toxins to the gut lining. It should not be surprising that the immune system is so well represented in the gut, since the oral passage is the portal and primary site of introduction for living organisms into the body. Additionally, one may wish to review the massive literature available on the cross-talk between gastrointestinal immune cells and the gut microbiome.

· Are orally administered IgY immunoglobulins entirely degraded by intestinal digestive enzymes?

The literature supports the fact that a significant portion of orally administered immunoglobulins remain active while passing through the intestines.

· The following factors contribute to the stability of IgY:

1. Even if the Fc portion of the IgY molecule (which is analogous to IgG found in mammals) is degraded, the active (Fab) unit can still form a complex with antigens.

2. The liposomic materials and proteins naturally found in egg may microencapsulated immunoglobulins protecting them from degradation, and

3. Immunoglobulins are designed to be bioavailable and bypass digestive processes (e.g., colostrum).

· Is consumption of hyperimmune IgY compatible with secretory IgA produced in mammals?

IgY is more closely related to IgA and IgE than it is to IgG.

· Why do many report energy changes upon consumption of "hyperimmune" eggs?

The human being has over 10¹⁴ single cells in the body. Ninety percent (90%) of these are non-human, foreign microbes with the majority of them residing in the gastrointestinal tract. Most of the gut microbiome are beneficial, however, when pathogens enter, they can potentially overwhelm immune responses and become a major threat to our well-being.

A great deal of energy is expended by the body to control the levels of pathogenic gut organisms. One might envision a scenario in which providing additional immunoglobulins to the gut may neutralize organisms that attempt to adhere to the inside of the intestines. Additionally, the body is continuously working to maintain immunological homeostasis. Each cell is attempting to either up- or down-regulate immune responses, trying to achieve immune homeostasis. Each cell expends a “trivial” amount of energy in modulating responses.

A “trivial” amount of energy multiplied by the billions of cells in the body becomes an enormous outlay of energy resulting in fatigue. As the body achieves homeostasis, less energy is needed to maintain homeostasis resulting in more energy for the individual.


HyperIg PL-100™ is an all-natural protein that helps the body return to immunological balance and digestive health. 

🛒HyperIg PL-100™ Now Available at Amazon

HyperIg PL-100™

✓ The original hyperimmune egg

✓ Pure whole egg protein

✓ Concentrated IgY antibodies 

✓ Natural source of immune co-factors

✓ Gluten-free  

✓ Sugar-free

✓ Lactose-free 

✓ Caffeine-free

✓ GMO-free  

✓ Kosher certified




BeyondIgY™ sells only hyperimmune egg, no other supplements or products.

Safety Information

Consult with a health professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program. As with any nutritional supplement, always consult with a health professional if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not consume this whole egg protein if you have life-threatening reactions to egg.

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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