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Hyperimmune Egg Supplement - Consumers' Testimonials

I am an active person and fatigue isn’t an issue with me, however, I still feel energetic and ready to go even after a full days work, which hasn’t happened for awhile. I also sleep through the night and wake up before my alarm goes off, ready to start my day. This hasn’t happened in years. I’m really happy with the results and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Walter L.
Millville, NJ

Life is full of color when one is healthy, but only black and white when one is in poor health. A few years ago, I was having thyroid issues and the doctor said that I would have to take medication for the rest of my life. After blood work, it turned out that my thyroid was producing five times the amount of hormone than normal; the medications were helping me with my thyroid and I was wheezing after physical exertion, my heart was beating rapidly and I was having anxiety-like panic attacks.

One of my friends recommended hyperimmune egg and my quality of life increased significantly. When I walked up the stair or was talking I no longer was wheezing as before and I and my heart rate were more relaxed. Recently, I went to the hospital for blood tests again. The doctor said that a lot of progress had been made and I was overproducing so much thyroid hormone.

Good health is a family’s greatest wealth. If we all used hyperimmune egg we would have more health in the world and it would be a reason to shine.

Mrs. Hsieh Shiang
Hsinchu, Taiwan

My colon ruptured and I had emergency surgery to remove part of the colon. My life was turned upside down. I always had a general feeling of being tired, no energy, losing weight. My weight was down to 112, from 145. Basically I was living a life of quiet desperation, hoping and praying for some relief.
For five years I had tried a boatload of products and never had any results normally throwing them away after a couple weeks. Then I discovered an unbelievable product called hyperimmune egg. I tried it and have been extremely pleased with the results.
I have a lot of energy and sleep through the night. My appetite has returned, my colon has calmed down, and I have resumed exercising (running everyday) and playing play golf again. And I’m happy to report that my weight is up to 160 lbs. In other words, life is thoroughly enjoyable both physically and mentally all because of hyperimmune egg!
I thank the good Lord everyday for bringing hyperimmune egg into and changing my life. I also thank to the gentleman that wrote me a letter and introduced me to this phenomenal product. It frightens me to think where I might be now if that person hadn't cared enough to send me that message. My own doctor was so impressed with the results I had, he recommended it to a patient of his and had outstanding results.

David A.
Colorado Springs, CO

Because of thyroid issues, I was unable to control my emotions and temper. Not being able to sleep well did not help either, so I was tired all the time. When I ate a large meal, my hands would tremble and I would get heart palpitations and become overly excited. Medications had caused a number of back, liver and kidney problems as well.

After using 3 scoops a day of hyperimmune egg for a little over a month, instead of sleeping 9-10 hours/day I only sleep 7-8 hours and feel rested. My quality of life is very much improved. Stressful situations no longer bother me as they did before and my trembling and palpitations have decreased. Thank you very much for hyperimmune egg that has helped my body and immune system. 

Mrs. Kan Chu
Taipei City, Taiwan

Three years after rare nasopharyngeal surgery, I still could not swallow without discomfort. My throat hurt, I had difficulty sleeping and my quality of life was poor. After taking hyperimmune egg I now have energy, my throat is no longer uncomfortable, and my strength has returned.

Mr. Li K.
Hsinchu City, Taiwan

I had a career that required parachute jumping and have had several severe injuries to my head, neck, and back. I was making frequent trips to the Mayo Clinic, however they were not able to assist me with my discomfort. 

I started on hyperimmune egg. Within a short amount of time the discomfort I felt went from a ten, down to a two. I am currently on vacation, here in Daytona Florida for Bike Week, and enjoying every moment!

Jerry J. 
Greenfiled, IN

When I lived in Thailand two years ago Mrs. Zhang introduced me to hyperimmune egg for problems I was having with my eyes. My eyes were red, scratchy, sensitive to light and tearing up all the time. Mrs. Zhang told me to believe her one time, so I tried it. Being on hyperimmune egg has made all the difference in the world and I am very grateful to her. I have introduced this protein to a lot of people, and I believe it will help you and your friends.

Mrs. Yan J.
Hong Kong

At the age of 50 I feel healthier than I have in many years. And I feel I am far more in control of my health with hyperimmune egg. My mood and attitude toward life has become more and more positive. I feel and act likes a younger and healthy man. My ambition and youthfulness remind me of when I was in my early 20's.

John D.
Evergreen, CO

For more than 20 years I have had a serious stomach disorder. When I ate foods I had an uncomfortable, burning feeling.  For a short period of time I couldn't take anything by mouth, including water, because the discomfort and bowel movements were so bad. I could hardly sleep for all the gastrointestinal discomfort. My weight was keeping down to as less as 44kg (98 lbs)! 

None of the traditional Chinese or Western medicines made a difference; however for the first week of taking only one scoop a day of hyperimmune egg I saw a major change in my intestinal health. 

Now I have been using the ingredient for more than nine months, and only have problems infrequently. I sleep well, am full of energy, have a lot of strength and my weight has increased to around 50kg (110 lbs).

Miss Tina
Hong Kong

I usually don't write in about these things, but I am so happy about a bonus I didn't expect. I have been on hyperimmune egg since last December and have felt great energy... every fall starting in August, when plants in northern Wisconsin start to bloom, I get itchy, watery, eyes and start sneezing. It usually lasts until our first frost. 

This year it dawned on me that I haven't had a single sneeze and my eyes feel great and the doctors are saying this was one of their busiest seasons! Now, unlike other years, I have been working the fields making hay with all of the dust and chaff– I always knew hyperimmune egg was a great product and I am more convinced than ever now!

Judy E.
Ladysmith, WI

As a child I was always in poor health and once almost died because I couldn't get my breath. I am an English teacher so my voice is constantly under stress, and sometimes I couldn't even get a sound out.

There is a saying: Long illness makes the patient a good doctor. I often read books to study the methods of improving my quality of life. I have used traditional Chinese medicine and Western prescriptions. Although I exercised regularly and eat healthy, I still had to take medication to live normally. 

I thank Miss Cai for recommending hyperimmune egg to me. Since taking it, I haven't had to take any medications. I'm so excited and so touched, that I am determined to spread the gospel to others. I want to share the health and happiness that I have, so others suffering now can live a normal life.

The Bible says, "what's the point of winning the whole world and losing your life?" Cherish your body and achieve priceless health. What can be more cost-effective than an investment in yourself and those you love?

Mrs. Su Min
Kaohsiung, Taiwan   

As I entered menopause I had problems with hot flashes, sweating, heart palpitations, chest tightness, difficulty sleeping and hot flashes. But the real problem I (and my family) had, was with my temper and the emotional roller coaster of irritability that I exhibited. I didn't care about anything, I couldn't concentrate and I was sad all the time. I was difficult to live with and the whole family was suffering.

By chance, my husband saw information about hyperimmune egg and ordered it for me. I had only been taking one scoop a day for the first week and found that my hot flashes were less frequent and severe. Also I was more calm. Now after taking it every day for a month, my quality of life is so much better, my mood up beat and I am sleeping much better. Our family has regained its original happiness.

Mrs. Lin Jiau 

I’m 47 years old and have been in the business sector most of my adult life. I started not feeling great. I have been searching for something, anything to make a difference in my quality of life.

My circulation became poor as time went on. My extremities would go numb, I felt heaviness in my chest, the sharp shooting pains (more severe in summer and fall) continued all year, and I had headaches all most daily. I couldn’t remember what feeling "good" was like; the "norm" simply existed while I continued the search for help.

I tried magnets, herbal remedies, etc. they gave some relief but nothing was permanent. I would wake up 2-3 times a night answering nature’s call, which caused more sleep deprivation. Things became so bad that my wife and I had to plan my funeral arrangements twice.

We continued to search for an answer. I was preparing to go for the alternative treatments that had given relief before, when I discovered hyperimmune egg. Not daring to hope for very much, after all we had been through, I got the surprise of my life!

Starting the second day on hyperimmune egg and every day thereafter for about 1 ½ weeks, I noticed significant improvements. I’ve noticed other changes and have kept a daily journal for a month and a half.

I’ve been on them for 1½ month now taking two and sometimes three servings a day. I feel like a new man.  I’m so grateful to everyone who helped make this possible. I’ve been given a second chance for a normal life and won't go back to the way I was. When I see or hear of others who are in pain or discomfort, I have a strong desire to share what I know will help, because there is now a solution. 

Herman E.
Rexburg, ID

I had joint discomfort, swelling and stiffness in my fingers and knees for over three years. Nothing I tried worked. After only four days of taking one scoop of hyperimmune egg, I felt so much better. Now the swelling and discomfort continues to go down and I am feeling so much more comfortable. Thank you!

Mrs. Ng S.
Hong Kong 

My husband was hospitalized in the Guangzhou First Municipal People's Hospital after interruption of oxygen to his brain. It left him with an inability to move his legs and arms, or eat without assistance. 

The doctors said that he would have to remain in the hospital for at least three months before he was capable of doing rehabilitation.

I started to give my husband 2 scoops of hyperimmune egg morning, noon and evening. Within four days, he was hungry again and his right hand was able to move a bit. In less than a month, he was eating two whole bowls of rice, and was discharged from the hospital. 

Miss Hui
Hong Kong

Years ago, I was extremely tired due to finals at my university. I was a full time student and long hours of studying were common to me. By April, I had a hard time waking up by 10 a.m. All the daily stresses in my life were taking over and I could not control them. I had sensitivities to cats and pollen and gastrointestinal discomfort. I could not believe I was this unhealthy at age 24.
I took the product, hyperimmune egg Tuesday night around 10p.m. For the first time in months I woke up the next morning at 5a.m. on my own! No alarm, nothing! I had such an increase in energy so I went for a mile run and worked out all by 8a.m. 

My father has cats in his home and I could never last more than 40 minutes there before eyes teared up and itched.

I went home one month after I was taking product and stayed in my father’s home for 4 1/2 hours! The cats did not bother me… I was at a park about 3 weeks after taking hyperimmune egg and I was one of the few out of about 500 students that was not sneezing from the pollen. 

My digestive problems took a bit longer. About 3-4 months after taking the product I realized I was not getting sick anymore. I no longer got pain from Dairy or Spicy foods. It has been a full year and I got sick only two times. Not bad since I got sick at least once a day prior to hyperimmune egg.  The balancing of the immune system will protect me from current health issues and future ones as well
James L.
Allentown, PA

Because of my work schedule I often do not eat meals regularly. My irregular schedule resulted in my stomach feeling “stretched” out, with stomach discomfort and once in a while some vomiting. I started on a probiotic and it made little difference.

One evening I was eating dinner with a friend and had to be rushed to the hospital because of my stomach. I started to really watch my diet, but continued to be hospitalized and my weight dropped 12 kg. (26 lbs)! 

Searching online and researching books, I came upon hyperimmune egg and started taking one scoop it on a daily basis. It has made a major difference in my digestive support. I believe that as long as I pay attention to eating regularly and the right foods, cut down on my work hours and take hyperimmune egg on a daily basis, that I will have resolved my stomach issues.

Mr. Kao Ho
Taipei City, Taiwan

One night, my teenage son’s skin turned all red and I rushed him to the emergency room. He was admitted to the hospital and we were told he had a lung problem.

He was hospitalized for over 6 months and the doctors said they wouldn’t be able to help him any more than they had. After his release I looked every for health care products to help his immune system since he had no appetite and was dropping his weight.

A friend introduced hyperimmune egg to me and I immediately ordered it. I gave him one scoop every morning and evening. In two months, he gained back the 10 pounds he had lost, his skin looks great, he is not weak any longer and his lungs are completely clear.

Mr. CK Chan 
Hong Kong

I have been taking hyperimmune egg for 5-6 weeks and feel less stressed, less depressed, and more relaxed. I am able to sleep better. I have less body ache and soreness especially in my knees. 

My energy level is much higher and I am more focused. Overall, I am functioning at a higher level mentally emotionally and physically. Although I still do get tired towards the end of the day, I am somewhat stronger and less fatigued.

Claire S.
Long Branch, NJ

I work in a chemical plant that doesn’t do a great deal to protect its workers. Too often I felt poorly. My throat was irritated, itchy and sore. I had a persistent cough and a lot of thick, viscous phlegm that was hard to get rid of. Somedays it was hard to breathe and I slept poorly. Anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics did not make much of a difference.

I found out about hyperimmune egg and started taking one scoop, twice a day. In less than two weeks, my throat felt great. It was no longer itchy and my cough was almost gone. After one month of using hyperimmune egg the amount of phlegm I was coughing up from my lungs decreased and I was breathing more easily and sleeping more soundly. 

Before, when I went outside, cigarette smoke from others triggered terrible coughing episodes; it embarrassed me. Now, it is not a problem for me when I have to go by my co-workers.

Last year, a large number of my colleagues had to take sick leave. I was able to continue working with no problems at all. I credit hyperimmune egg with working with my immune system to keeping me healthy.

Mr. Li Ming
Taipei City, Taiwan

I was diagnosed with a “fatty” liver and had a poor appetite and weight loss. I felt weak and had abdominal discomfort. Because of bad side-effects there was no Western medications that I could take. (Also, for over one year I had a bone spur in my right foot that made it difficult to walk.)

On the suggestion of my friends, I started taking 4 scoops/day of hyperimmune egg. After three months I returned to the doctor and was told that my liver appeared normal. (And my bone spur doesn’t bother me any longer!). Thank you for hyperimmune egg!

Mrs. Lee D.Z.
Hong Kong

I'm 50+ years old, and for all of my adult life I used to suffer from respiratory and digestive issues.  Medical treatments were ineffective, and most alternative therapies did little of a permanent nature to change my situation. 

As I aged the problems grew worse, so that by the turn of the new millennium I was averaging over 60 days per year too sick to do much of anything, and another 120 days able only to work at my desk quietly for a few hours and then take a nap.

As a self-employed person, the cost to my business of so many days unable to put forth my full energies was devastating. Many projects never were completed and many clients were less than satisfied. In short, my quality of life was marginal, at best.

Then a friend suggested I try hyperimmune egg.  What did I have to lose? While I experienced immediate differences in my respiratory condition, it was only after sustained use of the product for over a month that I began to notice remarkable improvement in my digestive functioning, along with an unexpected increase in total energy and sense of well being. 

Now, after over a year of taking hyperimmune egg every day without fail, first thing I eat in the morning, I have few days of not feeling 100%, and my level of energy and sense of well-being is simply beyond anything I have felt ever before in my life.

It seems like no matter what the challenge, no matter how stressed or tired I may be, there's always enough energy to follow through and get the job done, the trip completed, whatever it takes.

And unlike other "alternative" treatments, after more than a year on hyperimmune egg I have not habituated to it (that is, my body has not adjusted and gone back to its old ways, as it did when trying other things), and such a long sustained benefit could not possibly be due to the placebo effect. Everyday I thank God that I was fortunate enough to find hyperimmune egg. The rest is up to me.  Life, here I come!
Charles R.
Bellingham, Washington

My doctor said I had an enlarged liver and I couldn’t urinate well. I also had high white cell counts and blood glucose levels. I had no appetite and was losing weight. Whenever I wanted to go out, someone had to accompany me, “just in case”. 

My doctor recommended dialysis to help my body remove wastes and excess water from my body. When I first started using hyperimmune egg, I hurt all over, but within a week I started to get my appetite back, urinate normally and saw a decrease in puffiness. Now, my white blood cell count and my glucose levels are at a healthy range and I can walk to the park by myself.

Mr. Chen Chih
Taipei City, Taiwan

For more than 12 years my activity was limited due to my brain having been deprived of oxygen for too long as an adult. My balance was poor, my gait abnormal, energy low, and I had limited feelings in my body, especially my feet and around my waist. My speech was difficult to understand. I was in rehab for years with only minor improvements.

In the middle of November, my friend Huang sent a canister of hyperimmune egg. After using it for a week, I felt better, obtained more of the ingredient and started on two servings/day. 

My attitude is much improved. I am not as tired, and I can walk for a much longer time. The numbness in my body is significantly decreased. I've been taking Western medicine for more than a decade but nothing has ever changed my quality of life as much as hyperimmune egg. Thank you very much for the hyperimmune egg!

Mr. Man Tsang 
Taichung, Taiwan


My hands were chapped and sore because they were always in the water with housework and washing dishes. The worst part was how they itched! No matter if I wore gloves, or what moisturizers I used they still hurt every time I touched water. One of my friends suggested using the ingredient in HyperIg PL-100 and after only one scoop a day I found that my hands were starting to heal. It’s made such a major difference and I thank her every day.


Miss Li

Hong Kong


I am a registered nurse. My skin was inflamed and red for years. It was especially itchy and scaly at my ankles and feet which made wearing shoes extremely painful. I tried everything and found nothing that worked. After using the hyperimmune egg found in HyperIg PL-100 for two weeks my skin had returned to normal. My practitioner and I were amazed as to how complete and rapid the change was with such a natural product.


Barbara D.

Topeka, KS


For years my face has been terribly itchy with deep, dark circles under my eyes. My skin has had a rough, old-looking texture possibly because of all the medications I have been on. My physician suggested using HyperIg PL-100, and after a short while several miracles occurred. The itching finally stopped and my skin become soft again and the dark circles disappeared. I look like a new person! I am a consumer for life now and I tell all my friends about how awesome a product this is.



Guangzhou Province

Look at the difference! As a result of medications and certain clinical treatments Li Xiaoyou’s face was red, swollen, cracked and raw—and hurt. After taking several servings a day for a few months, his skin cleared up and he is back to being a happy, little boy.  



Over a few days I gradually introduced HyperIg PL-100 into my diet.  On day 5, I was at one serving and a friend asked me to help her empty out her attic.  I did so moving a lot of heavy boxes down. The only access was a drop- down step ladder, so getting them down was very hard.  I noticed that the following days I had NO pain or sore muscles! Since I have NOT been working out for a long time, this was, and is, amazing!

Frank C.

Palm Coast, FL

Real Success, Real Stories

hyperimmune egg hyperigpl100 health immune balance immune system hyperimmune egg protein supplement

Testimonials From Health Practitioners

Hyperimmune egg helps me maintain my busy lifestyle through increased energy and decreasing my stress levels. Hyperimmune egg has had impressive results for my patients' cardiovascular, endocrine, and joint health. I enthusiastically recommend hyperimmune egg to family, friends, and patients.

Medical Doctor

Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist

Columbus, OH


Hyperimmune egg has demonstrable positive health affects in my patients. There have been dramatic differences in their energy, digestion, mobility, and cardiovascular health. I believe one should consider it for their own personal use as well as for general public wellness.

Medical Doctor

Salt Lake City, UT 


Having worked in chiropractic, integrative medicine, and in the pharmaceutical industry, I can say that hyperimmune egg is the most effective immune supplement that I have used to date.

Because of the breadth and depth of the research behind the product and because of my patients' positive responses, I have absolutely no doubt that the great majority of patients who try hyperimmune egg will benefit from it. 

Hyperimmune egg has become the centerpiece of my immune empowerment programs and clinical practice has become much more pleasurable because of it.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Rockville, MD


I have seen changes in the health of my patients since incorporating hyperimmune egg into my practice. Patients report differences in their joint mobility, cardiovascular and digestion function and many patients notice increases in energy. 

I am continually amazed and impressed how hyperimmune egg works with the body to help it support immune function. It is one of the most recommended products in my practice.  


Chiropractic Physician

Willow Grove, PA


Competitive cyclists who have used hyperimmune egg have experienced a

number of significant benefits that have aided their athletic performance. 

Recovery from training and racing is improved with less muscle soreness and greater energy on back-to-back days of competition. They enjoy greater overall health and can maintain their best form despite a rigorous training schedule.

Research Scientist



The broad-ranging effects of hyperimmune egg should not be surprising, since the immune system does control so many of the body’s functions. I continue to be amazed at the results my patients experience.

Medical Doctor

Brooklyn, NY


During the forty years of my medical career I have encountered a plethora of products that were purported to produce all sorts of marvelous health benefits. 

I can say most emphatically that my patients have benefited greatly from hyperimmune egg; when the immune system is supported every system in the body benefits. Virtually every patient benefits. Because I can rely on the science supporting the health claims I can recommend hyperimmune egg with confidence to my patients.

Medical Doctor

Indianapolis, IN   


Hyperimmune egg, a naturally-based product with specific antibodies and immune co-factors, helps support the immune functions of the body and digestive health. 

Medical Doctor

Agoura Hills, CA


As an investigator and practitioner in the field of alternative health and medical modalities, I am thrilled at the hyperimmune egg technology now available to the general public.  Hyperimmune egg supports the body’s efforts to balance the immune system, boosts energy, enhances feelings of well-being and keeps one feeling “younger”. This product has my professional endorsement.

Holistic Physician

Orlando, FL


Never before in my lifetime have I seen such a broad scope of results with a product– the hyperimmune egg. If we can educate people to understand their basic immune system and start enhancing it at a young age their quality of life will be so enhanced later in life.

Chiropractic Physician

Mukilteo, WA


I have seen profound results in my patients after hyperimmune egg. Not only does hyperimmune egg help the body provide support for the joints, and its immune and cardiovascular systems, but it also provides total balance for the entire body.

A totally balanced body results in enhanced feelings of well-being. With daily use of hyperimmune egg astronomically large numbers of people may look forward to experiencing a heightened quality of life.

Chiropractic and Naturopathic Physician

Napa, California


I am 76 years old, and now bike 10 miles a day. Hyperimmune egg has not only made a difference for me, but for many of my friends. 

I find my cardiovascular system readings have changed and my joints better supported. My energy levels are elevated and I have a continued sense of well-being. I just feel better!  

I credit much of my well-being to hyperimmune egg keeping my immune system feeling younger.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Shoreview, MN


I'm a retired RN who has always searched for a way to maintain good health. I didn’t just want to GET well, I wanted to STAY well. 

I've finally found it with hyperimmune egg. It also seems to provide energy; my game is stronger and I don't get tired at all. Even my golf game has improved. Last time I played, my husband remarked that I was striking the ball better, so well in fact I beat him by two strokes. I keep finding new changes in my life. It's wonderful!

Thank you!

Registered Nurse

Guilford, CT


Real Success, Real Stories

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Safety Information

Consult with a health professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program. As with any nutritional supplement, always consult with a health professional if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not consume this whole egg protein if you have life-threatening reactions to egg.

Legal Disclaimer

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