hyperimmune egg hyperigpl100 health immune balance immune system hyperimmune egg protein supplement

Seek To Balance Your Immune System Instead of "Boosting" It

Restoring immune inflammatory balance, homeostasis, helps to guard against infections and contributes to overall health by letting the body heal itself. Lifestyle changes are the best ways to regain one’s immune balance and take control over run-away inflammation.

HyperIg PL-100, the original hyperimmune egg, is the world's most advanced nutritional product designed specifically to help your body protect and heal itself. If you want to feel well and want to move away from simply managing symptoms using HyperIg PL-100 is the way to do it. Balance is the keyword, because HyperIg PL-100 does not boost immune responses unless the body needs it. 

Overactive Immune System Damages Healthy Tissue

Trust your body—it knows how to keep you healthy. When your immune system is working properly, it provides a shield of daily protection from thousands of aggressive invaders such as bacteria, viruses, mold and mutating cells. It also helps heal the body quickly after trauma, surgery or illness. 

Unfortunately, too many of us suffer from the effects of a poorly functioning immune system. For some, it may be a response that is too weak to protect or heal the body. Someone gets sick too frequently and stays sick for too long. Others suffer the effects of an overactive immune system that damages healthy tissue by not controlling inflammation. Too much inflammation results in conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, lupus, tendinitis and psoriasis and even life-threatening problems like heart disease and cancer. 

How HyperIg PL100 Partners with Your Immune System

The immune system has to mount balanced inflammatory responses. Hyperig PL-100 partners with your immune system to ensure that it reaches and stays at its balanced point-stays in homeostasis. When your system is in harmony, it identifies a potential threat and “deals” with it. Being in homeostasis, balance, results in more energy, fewer aches and pains, sounder sleep and an enhanced feeling of well-being. 

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"I have been taking hyperimmune egg for 5-6 weeks and feel less stressed, less depressed, and more relaxed. I am able to sleep better. I have less body ache and soreness especially in my knees. My energy level is much higher and I am more focused. Overall, I am functioning at a higher level mentally emotionally and physically. Although I still do get tired towards the end of the day, I am somewhat stronger and less fatigued." – Claire S., Long Branch, NJ

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hyperimmune egg hyperigpl100 health immune balance immune system hyperimmune egg protein supplement

Homeostasis is the body’s process for maintaining balanced ranges of body systems such as temperature, hydration and energy intake. 

Homeostasis is essential for healthy bodies. The immune response contributes to homeostasis by helping to fight off infection and heal after infection or trauma. During an infection, molecules called pyrogens are released, which alert the brain to increase the temperature of the body, causing a fever. The fever inhibits the movement of bacteria and viruses, buying more time for the immune cells to find and eliminate the invaders.

At the site of a bruise or cut, immune cells called mast cells release chemicals that enlarge the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and bringing more oxygen and immune cells to the injury site. Dead or broken cells at the wound site are consumed by immune cells called macrophages. In damaged skeletal muscle, macrophages accumulate at the site of injury and release proteins and other molecules that help recovery.  

Immune cells called T and B lymphocytes recognize proteins captured from infectious invaders, and learn how to attack the invader. They make a copy of themselves so that one cell becomes the effector cell, fighting the invader, and the other copy becomes a memory cell, waiting in the body for long periods in case the same invader returns again, so it can fight it off more quickly.

To survive, we need inflammation. Inflammation is normal and necessary.  Inflammation is the appropriate response of our defense system, our immune system, to infection or trauma from our defense system.

The amount of inflammation produced by the body is carefully regulated. Trouble happens when the defense system runs out of control, like a rebel army out to destroy their own country. An overactive immune response. Homeostatic imbalance may lead to attacks by white blood cells of healthy tissue and organs.  This overactivity may lead to autoimmune (against oneself) conditions, such as diabetes, lupus and Crohn’s disease.

Achieving immune, inflammatory, homeostasis (balance) is the goal for a healthy and holistic life.  

hyperimmune egg hyperigpl100 health immune balance immune system hyperimmune egg protein supplement

HyperIg PL-100, the original hyperimmune egg protein is a natural food harvested from special hens that contain a complete array of balancing immune factors, vitamins, minerals, and life-giving proteins. This unique combination cannot be duplicated by simply taking individual supplements. 

Hyperimmune egg protein is unlike any other ingredient, tested, patented and a breakthrough in the fight to stay healthy. And if you are an athlete looking to decrease recovery times and increase performance then HyperIg-PL-100 is your smart choice. 

Hyperimmune egg is the result of over 30 years and over $50,000,000 of research and development by one of the 50 “Most Innovative Companies” and among the Fortune 500. The effectiveness of Hyperig PL-100 has been validated through collaborative efforts with some of the nation's top scientists in their respective disciplines. Preclinical and clinical testing and trials at internationally renowned research institutions including Harvard Medical School, New York City's Hospital for Special Surgery, the College of Charleston and the United States Military support the efficacy of HyperIg PL-100.

HyperIg PL-100 is a product of science doing what it should do—making our lives better. The technology that results in hyperimmune egg is protected by over 100 worldwide patents and has been listed in the “Physician's Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements and Herbs,” the leading reference for health practitioners and pharmacists. 

Hyperimmune egg is an all-natural protein from chicken eggs. The process is similar to that of a nursing mother providing immune and growth factors to her newborn child. 

Hens are stimulated to produce concentrated immunoglobulins (antibodies) and immune co-factors which are deposited into her eggs. These eggs are then collected and their contents removed, pasteurized and made into a fine, golden powder—HyperIg PL-100.

Consuming this complex protein permits our body to extract those immune elements needed to balance our emotional and physical beings. Balance is the key word, because HyperIg PL-100 does not boost responses unless the body needs it. 

This is important because many people are already in a boosted or overactive state. They are not in homeostasis (balance). Individuals with diabetes, arthritis, Crohn’s, multiple sclerosis, allergies are experiencing the effects of run-away inflammation. Even people who are sore from exercise have too much inflammation going on in their bodies. 

Featured Testimonial

"Three years after rare nasopharyngeal surgery, I still could not swallow without discomfort. My throat hurt, I had difficulty sleeping and my quality of life was poor. After taking hyperimmune egg I now have energy, my throat is no longer uncomfortable, and my strength has returned." – Mr. Li K. Hsinchu City, Taiwan

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hyperimmune egg hyperigpl100 health immune balance immune system hyperimmune egg protein supplement

Think of Hyperig PL-100 as a buffet for your body's immune system. It lets your body select what it needs to balance and equalize your body's immune and hormonal systems creating true harmony in the body. 

The benefits of hyperimmune egg in partnering with the body to achieve homeostasis, balance, has impressed clinicians throughout the world. Physicians in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kenya, Uganda, Canada and the States concur that their patients report decreased aches and pains, increased gastrointestinal comfort and overall spectacular changes in the quality of life. 

And athletes experience major difference in their workouts when they incorporate HyperIg PL-100 into their diets. They are able to achieve higher performance with less stress on their hearts and cardiovascular systems and they recover faster after strenuous exercise. The only complaint they have is they no longer feel that “burn”.

The presence of foreign invaders or cancer cells triggers strong responses by our immune system. Inflammatory cells release “ammunition” that acts as “heat rays” killing all in their way. These cells essentially burn the pathogens or mutating cells out, clearing the way for healthy cell growth. When our immune system is out of balance, one of two responses occurs— pro-inflammatory or the initiation of an inflammatory response, or anti-inflammatory, the “down-grading” of an inflammatory response. 

If there is an infection and the immune system is unbalanced, there may not be enough of a response to a threat. If too much inflammation occurs, the body causes damage to its own healthy cells and sends effected areas into an over-active inflamed state. This results in problems like arthritis, diabetes, lupus and irritable bowel and other conditions. This is why it is essential for the body to be able to maintain homeostasis (balance). 

The best ways to assure balance are staying active and HyperIg PL-100. 

Use HyperIg PL-100 and feel the power, the difference it will make in your life! 

Featured Testimonial

"When I lived in Thailand two years ago Mrs. Zhang introduced me to hyperimmune egg for problems I was having with my eyes. My eyes were red, scratchy, sensitive to light and tearing up all the time. Mrs. Zhang told me to believe her one time, so I tried it. Being on hyperimmune egg has made all the difference in the world and I am very grateful to her. I have introduced this protein to a lot of people, and I believe it will help you and your friends." – Mrs. Yan J., Hong Kong

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Immune Balance Snippets

  • A balanced immune system, one in homeostasis, keeps all of our other organ systems humming. LEARN MORE

  • Muscle soreness is your body’s healing mechanism for muscle growth. When subjected to physical stress, the muscle goes into overdrive resulting in microscopic damage in the muscle lining. In turn, these small tears lead to inflammation which causes pain.  LEARN MORE

  • Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise  with health benefits including balanced immune function, improved blood flow and fat burning, improved heart health and increased longevity. LEARN MORE

  • Strength training becomes more important with age. Working your muscles helps balance your immune system, shed excess fat, maintain healthy bone mass, prevent age-related muscle loss, improve menopausal symptoms and counteract postural deficits. LEARN MORE

  • Slowing your breathing and relaxing through meditation and/or using breathing exercises has enormous immune, psychological and nervous system benefits. LEARN MORE

  • Sleep deprivation in early life may be an important risk factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease later in life. Lack of sleep, for even one night, can significantly increase levels of beta-amyloid in the brain – one of the main proteins that are linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

  • The immune system keeps its numerous bacterial communities (microbiomes) on and throughout the body in balance by maintaining exquisitely balanced inflammatory responses.

  • The key to a higher level of quality of life with a lower risk of autoimmune and auto-inflammatory issues, is to help the body limit run-away inflammation. 

  • Individuals with digestive discomfort report daily consumption of HyperIg PL-100 leads to major differences in their energy and overall quality of life.

  • Meditation relieves anxiety, pain, and depression by helping the body reduce inflammation.  Add meditation into your day by setting aside a time and place devoted to deep breathing and focus.

  • The real problem isn’t what’s on the screen—it’s the prolonged periods of sitting that often go along with TV watching. Get up and walk  during each commercial—or better yet do something physical like push-ups against the wall or a counter.

  • People who watch three or more hours of TV a day and don’t exercise see more cognitive decline than those who exercised more or watched TV less.

  • A 150-pound person burns about 100 calories by walking at a moderate pace for 30 minutes. If you do that every day for a year, that’s about 36,500 calories—or 10 pounds.

  • Migraines are the result of inflammation. A balanced immune system may help lower the severity or intensity of episodes.

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HyperIg PL-100, the original hyperimmune egg supplement is  clinically proven to enhance endurance and recovery.